by Tracey Miller and Sue Bates

When the Seattle Seahawks formed a team in 1976, it sparked an interest with fans to start a booster club. A handful of individuals went to the general manager, John Thompson, and presented him with a format for a booster club that was based on the Baltimore Colts (now known as the Indianapolis Colts) boosters.  After much consideration, the Seahawks organization agreed to allow a  booster club to be formed.

Membership Information

Annual dues are $20.00 for individuals and $30.00 for families of two or more (up to 4 total). In addition to the friendships that are formed through chapter meetings, events and games.

Privileges of Membership

* Membership card identifying you as another 12 in our football family
* Viewing parties and social functions with sponsor pubs, food and drink specials and prizes
* Opportunity to win autographed memorabilia
* 20% discount on food, no cover and no line at The Pint (Vancouver)
* 15% discount at PRO IMAGE SPORTS at the Tulalip Outlet Mall
* Access to Sea Hawkers "tailgate zone" in Touchdown City, prior to all home games; you will find, free programs (first come), snacks and tables to enjoy with 12s from all over the world.
* Annual members barbeque
* Annual Sea Hawker Banquet for all chapters featuring Seahawks players and staff
* Draft Day celebrations
* Annual Picnic open to all chapters
* Volunteer opportunities with local charity events and player camps
* The Seahawks Pro Shop may also provide exclusive offers to Sea Hawkers card holders. These offers are not consistent nor available to the general public.


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Canadian Sea Hawkers

We are very happy to have Sea Hawker representation north of the 49th, and south of Alaska! The Sea Hawkers are the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. The Canadian Sea Hawkers are a unique chapter in the Sea Hawker family, as we span the entire country; with members coming from coast to coast to share their love of the Seahawks! We might also be the first chapter that will be holding meetings via the internet, making use of today's technology to bring all of our members together, even if they aren't able to leave their house!

Since our chapter was established in Alberta on June 24, 2008 we have worked hard to give members value for their membership. In addition to chances at winning merchandise, autographs and swag, we have been able to secure local discounts and fun places to see the games, as not all of us can get across the border for the game. We are growing and changing constantly offering volunteer and event opportunities.

So, regardless of where you live, if you are looking to have some fun, meet some wonderful Seahawk fans and be part of an awesome Sea Hawkers chapter, the Canadian Sea Hawkers have a place for you! We will be meeting on the last Wednesday of the month at 8pm at The Pint in Vancouver.

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